Look at the region since the turn of the Century.  Can you truthfully say we are better off than then in 2000?  If you can’t, it’s time for a change in leadership.

--Curtis Varnell


Major Issues:

  • Republican

  • Strong advocate for 2nd  Amendment rights.

  • I believe strongly in the right to bear arms.  I am opposed to red flag regulations and feel strongly that current laws are adequate if enforced. 

  • Pro-family and anti-abortion.

  • Conservative with strong emphasis on traditional values and morals.

  • It is imperative that we support strong family values and ties.

  • I support strong national borders.  I support immigrants that go through the LEGAL avenues and arrive in our country but not those that cannot abide by our immigration laws.

  • Logan County is 80% non-college blue-collar workers.  Jobs offered in this area are traditionally blue-collar workers.  We need to offer our children the opportunity to train for jobs available in our area.  After close examination, I feel that in the foreseeable future these available jobs will include forestry, heavy-equipment operation, truck driving, and health care.  We should offer students the opportunity to train for these jobs during their high school years.

  • Area schools have been very successful at preparing students for college.  We need to continue to educate and prepare those students for the future they envision.

  • The cost of maintaining a cell for each prisoner in our jails exceeds 20,000 per year.  With over 120 cells available in Logan County, the cost is astronomical. First time offenders and those with low-risk could be offered a one-time get out of jail free card with the stipulation they remain drug free, work, or preferably, attend the vocational training offered.  

  • We should do everything possible to attract retired veterans to our area.  We offer many of the amenities they seek: relatively peaceful environment, recreation, hunting, fishing, and cheap housing compared to other locations.  Veterans no longer pay state income tax; attracting 50 or 100 of them to live in our county equals a medium size industry and these are the kind of people you want next door.

  • We need to better market ourselves as a tourist center.  We have a beautiful area of lakes, streams, and mountains plus many historical sites.

  • Farming has always been the backbone of our community.  We need to assist farmers by offering incentives like we do to business rather than doubling their taxes on chicken houses, failing to assist those affected by floods, charging taxes on used equipment and parts, and increasing fuel taxes.  Niche farming such as organic farming, grass fed beef, and garden crops were once a big part of our county with canning companies in several local towns. Conditions in other states makes Arkansas again attractive to this industry.